Saifi 450

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    Another cool collaboration with the amazing team of Red Box Graphics. They worked on all the 3D renderings and were later composited and edited by me, adding caustics, atmospherics, people, clouds time lapses, kinetic typography, enhancing them with a cinematographic look and feel.
    Some of the shots were done using one single image that was cut into moving layers with depth and an Out of focus effect.

    The building is being built in Saifi-Beirut and was designed by Bernard Khoury.

    Vicky 4 was exported from Daz3D and rendered on 3DMax.
    3D renders and walkthroughs of the building 3DMax: Redboxgraphics.
    Softwares used for compositing: After Effects Cs6.

    Directed, edited and composited by Gabriel Ferneiné.

    Client: Sayfco Holdings.

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